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Actions cited as halting further road damage
Has easy-to-install panels for International 4300 Series
TransUnion cites 2Q rise from 2015
Unit stands out at John Martins Foundation event
Catches the 38,000-lbs CAT that blocked interstate ramp
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August 4-6, 2016
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Nov. 18-20, 2016
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May 10-12, 2017
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Where is your company today? Where will it be in 2020? Are you making the right decisions for your future in this ever-changing market? John Borowski of AutoReturn will lead a discussion on understanding your costs along with suggestions on what mix of calls will make you profitable. His What is Your Vision for 2020 seminar will take place at the American Towman Exposition, November 18-20 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Md.

DOE Funds Fuel Projects

The Energy Department announced up to $137 million in investments for two programs designed to develop next-generation fuel-efficiency technologies in commercial and passenger vehicles. One of the initiatives, SuperTruck II, will fund four projects aimed at doubling the freight efficiency of Class 8 trucks. Through another initiative, 35 new projects will receive $57 million to focus on advanced batteries and electrical drive systems to reduce carbon emissions and petroleum consumption in passenger cars and light trucks. Source:
From the American Towman News Bureau
Mike Corbin

100 Years ... the Song

Towing's Centennial Celebration in Baltimore will debut the latest Towman Ballad, "100 Years," saluting the grit of towmen and their industry. The ballad was co-composed by American Towman's Steve Calitri and towing's troubadour Mike Corbin. Mike Corbin and the Band will perform 100 Years and other Towman Ballads (The Road Calls, Booms in the Sky), along with some American favorites during the Celebration at Festival Night, Nov. 19 at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel. "Every career towman wants to be at this event," said Calitri, AT's Editor-in-Chief and AT Expo founder. "It salutes the heritage of all towmen while honoring towing's heroes during the traditional American Towman Medal Ceremony." The Centennial Celebration will feature a commemorative 100 Years cap and a gift from American Towman. Festival Night tickets are $75. Register online at

Guilty Verdict in Towman Shooting

A Shelby County, Tenn., jury found Joseph Profitt guilty of shooting and paralyzing a Memphis tow truck driver. Prosecutors say he fired shots at Scotty Arnold and his passenger after a confrontation in an apartment complex in 2012. Profitt was charged on seven counts, including attempted second-degree murder and deploying a firearm during a felony. Profitt's brother David, who was also involved in the incident, pleaded guilty Monday to aggravated assault. He's due in court Thursday on a separate charge. Source:
DOE Commits to Initiatives
Initiative includes additional funding for SuperTruck II program
Guilty Verdict in Towman Shooting
Tenn. man who paralyzed towman charged on seven counts
100 Years ... the Song
Song will celebrate towman heritage during Festival Night in Baltimore

'Awareness Week' Almost a Reality

Thanks to the efforts of Larry Cernosek of Cernosek Wrecker Service in Texas, Joanne Blyton of Billings Towing and Repair in Montana, TRAA and the support of many members of the industry, National Towing Industry Awareness Week is nearly a reality.

Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee is sponsoring a resolution to recognize the towing industry and its many accomplishments, and it will be presented by Tennessee Rep. Charles Fleischmann at the Wall of the Fallen ceremony at the International Towing Hall of Fame and Museum in Chattanooga on Sept. 10.

TRAA is also urging all of its members to solicit support from their state senators and representatives by contacting Sen. Corker to co-sponsor this effort.

Both Cernosek and Blyton spoke about their efforts at American Towman's Tow Show Dallas/Fort Worth in August.

"Over a year ago," said Cernosek, "we decided that (the towing industry) needed to get recognition from the United States Congress. We got the OK that on September 5 they're supposed to do the proclamation for (the industry's) 100th anniversary. (Congressman Charles Fleischmann) is going to bring it to the museum on (September 10) when we do the Wall of the Fallen (ceremony). It will be read there."

Cernosek said National Towing Awareness Week will be in the Congressional Record and will be recognized annually.

Blyton said that the whole experience of getting this done gave her "goosebumps."

"I am so excited because towing is a viable industry. Washington, D.C., needs to know that we are a force to be reckoned with; and just by them even doing a proclamation or a resolution that says, 'We recognize 100 years,' and that Tow Truck Awareness Week is a giant leap for towers; and we all need to understand that."

"We thank American Towman for all they've done for the industry and all the other partners involved," Cernosek said.


Savatechbags a896eSavatech's High-Lift Lifting Bags are used for lifting large objects and delicate structures such as aircraft, aluminum vehicles or other soft structures. Medium-pressure, high-lift, bags exert a low concentrated lifting force over a wide area. Come see all that Savatech has to offer at the American Towman Exposition, Nov. 18-20 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Md.
By Don Lomax
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If I had my way, industry trade shows would take place:
Five-day event (Monday - Friday)
Middle of the week (Tues., Wed., Thurs.)
Weekends (Sat., Sun.)
End of the week (Fri., Sat.)

Keep the Phone Ringing

When I was working my way through school as a musician, one of the things that kept the phone ringing was my ability to be knowledgeable in different genres of music. One weekend I might be playing rock, then a couple of nights later, jazz or rhythm and blues. On some occasions, I even got calls to play Salsa, given my proficiency on Latin percussion. I even played in a reggae band or two.

I'm saying all this to say the more diversified I was, the more my phone rang.

It's the same thing with the tow business owner.

How diversified is your business? What other ancillary areas could be spun off from your primary business? Do you do body work? Do you sell tires? Have you ever given much thought to running a rental car operation?

Giving thought on how to diversify your business is a step towards keeping the phone ringing. If you haven't made the move, you may want to attend the American Towman Exposition this November in Baltimore.

Aside from having a conference on diversification there will also be, for the first time, a "Garage District" of suppliers to the auto body industry that might give you some ideas.

Make plans now to be there. It may be the push you need to ensure those phones don't go silent.
--Charles Duke
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