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Philadelphia, Pa., towmen protest so-called "ticket-to-tow" law
Car-sharing services are rising
How do you get employees to care about clients?
Today, it is insane what you can do with wraps
Has a lifting capacity of 116,000 lbs. for a set of four
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Many of the mistakes tow operators make that result in accidents, injuries and death in our industry are directly related to the laws of physics. American Towman Field Editor Terry Abejuela's session on the physics of towing and recovery will help tow operators understand how Newton's laws of motion, simple machines and mechanical advantage apply in the daily performance of their jobs. This seminar will be presented as part of the Rotator & Recovery Conference taking place during Tow Industry Week in Las Vegas, Nev., May 10-12 at the South Point Hotel & Casino.
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingMarch 29 - April 04, 2017

Towman in Critical Condition

A towman was in critical condition Monday after becoming trapped under a vehicle in Hawthorn Woods, Ill., authorities said. Officers found the towman trapped under the front driver's side tire of a vehicle that was being towed. Officers moved the vehicle off the man and began lifesaving efforts until paramedics arrived. A vehicle was hooked to the truck when the towman pulled off the road and got out, leaving the transmission in drive. An officer said the truck moved forward with the vehicle and trapped the towman. Source:
From the American Towman News Bureau

New IAA Vehicle Details Page

Insurance Auto Auctions announced the launch of its enhanced Vehicle Details page on aimed at streamlining customer access to the most relevant and important vehicle information. The new features, which include up to 320 additional VIN details and comprehensive Hollander Interchange parts data, are designed to help customers assess vehicle value more quickly for bidding and buying decisions. The company said the revamped page loads 60-percent faster and uses 50-percent less network data. It provides registered buyers with tailored data that can be shown or hidden. The page also offers tips for new buyers, less scrolling, expandable content and adaptability to any device. Source:

Bill Would Revise Tow Rule

A proposed bill in Texas addresses nonconsensual vehicle tows. Sponsored by Rep. Jason Isaac, the bill would require the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to establish fees for nonconsensual tows. The bill, HB2166, also would allow political subdivisions to regulate fees as long as such fees are authorized by commission rule and do not exceed the maximum amount authorized by the commission. The bill is in the House Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee at press time. Source:
New IAA Vehicle Details Page
New features include up to 320 additional VIN details
Towman in Critical Condition
Officers rescue towman after unit moves, trapping him
Bill Would Revise Tow Rule
Texas bill would require TDLR to establish fees

Non-Profit Status Benefits Riders

Spirit Riders and Ride sponsors will benefit from the Spirit Ride's nonprofit status. The Ride is a project of American Towman Spirit Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. All financial supporters of the Ride, the Riders and the sponsors will be able to take a tax exemption on their contribution.

The Spirit Ride's project will promote public awareness of the Slow Down, Move Over laws and for towers to work safe. The stated general mission of American Towman Spirit Inc. is to promote highway safety among motorists, truckers, and first responders working the roadways, and to promote towing safety procedures.

The Spirit Ride will carry a custom-built and painted ceremonial casket that will be relayed across the country by more than 200 towing companies by car carrier. The casket was built upon a dolly designed to be winched easily upon a carrier bed. The casket will be introduced to the world in Las Vegas during Tow Industry Week on May 11 in a ceremony paying tribute to towers who were killed while working the roadways.
B & B Industries
American Towman TV • Emily Oz Reports • March 29 - April 04, 2017

'Relaxed, Not Taxed'

Inevitably, the personal crosses the professional life. How do you do your job professionally when you have so many things weighing on you; yet, like show business, "the show must go on?"

Finding a sympathetic ear is sometimes easier said than done. Besides, that "ear" is probably dealing with its own problems and can't take on yours at this time.

A friend who is a towman is currently dealing with issues of not only trying to keep his business afloat, but also dealing with some rough personal issues. He recently said to me, "Charlie, I could deal with a gory wreck right now with two or three fatalities better than (the personal problem) I'm going through right now."


I advised him that the most important thing that he could do immediately is to take a step back and find an outlet in a hobby or pastime that gives him pleasure. This will allow him to take a step back from the problems at hand. The mind functions best when it is "relaxed, not taxed;" clarity oftentimes surfaces.

For those who believe, prayer doesn't hurt either.

What are some of your coping methods? Send some suggestions to me at
--Charles Duke
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Worldwide Equipment Sales

JerrDanAlumXLP a17e9Worldwide Equipment Sales is Jerr-Dan's number one dealer distributor group, offering of new and used tow trucks, self-loaders, wreckers, flat beds, car carriers and equipment trailers. They also offer a full line of towing equipment, and serve California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Central United States and beyond. See what offerings Worldwide has at the American Towman Show Place taking place at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev. May 10-12, 2017.
By Don Lomax
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