Broward Co. Looks to Tighten Tow Laws

Broward County, Fla., commissioners are considering a stricter tow truck law, the second crackdown on an industry accused of consumer abuses.

The new set of regulations will be debated and decided on Oct. 14.

A critical element of the new law is a requirement that tow operators be licensed. That would give the county leverage against those tow companies that town officials feel abuse consumers.

A lobbyist representing towers said the law is something local tow companies "can live with and work with,'' but they want to charge more. He asked commissioners to come back soon with a vote to raise those rates.


Mayor Charged With Tower Extortion

The mayor of a suburban town outside St. Louis, Mo., town has been indicted on federal extortion charges for allegedly demanding bribes from a local towing company in exchange for city business.

Federal prosecutors say 54-year-old Pine Lawn Mayor Sylvester Caldwell was arrested recently by the FBI and charged with one felony count of interference with commerce by extortion.

Caldwell is accused of using his municipal position to extort money from an unidentified towing company. The indictment says Caldwell accepted five payments totaling $1,600 between December 2013 and April of this year, in exchange for ordering the Pine Lawn police force to use the company's services. The payments allegedly took place at gas stations and restaurants in the St. Louis area.

He faces up to 20 years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000.

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Lodar's Back-up Keypad

Lodar 2ae28Lodar/Lodar USA has a back-up keypad on the receiver. Lose your transmitter, not a problem. Instant back-up for very little money. Learn more about their products at Booth # 938 at the AT Expo in Baltimore, Md., Nov. 21-23.
By Don Lomax
What could you do better as an owner to retain drivers?
1) provide more advancement opportunities
2) improve my training techniques
3) be more attuned to my drivers' needs
4) provide better compensation
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Separating the Men From the Boys

Is trying to make a quick dishonest buck worth it? Several news articles I've come across these past few months show individuals, politicians and companies that seem to, at first, think so. That they end up the subject of various news sites and on newscasts suggests otherwise. The broadcast or news story is never a positive piece; and many of those people are publicly shown doing a "perp walk."

And they lose what they had.

Is business so bad that they have to resort to dishonest—in many cases illegal—activity? What aren't they doing right that keeps them from doing things in the correct manner?

Doing right or doing wrong: From day one, it's what separates the men from the boys.

--Charles Duke
Successful 2014 Tow Expo International in San Antonio, TX
Watch as we take you inside the 2014 Tow Expo International in San Antonio, TX! See the fun events and business connections that make the Expo such a draw every year. And don't miss out on the Monster Tow Show in November! This video is brought to you by the American Towman Exposition coming to you November 21-23, 2014 in beautiful Baltimore Maryland's Inner Harbor. Check it out today.
The End of Towing
Take a look at this, but don't lay down your J-Hooks just yet. You may want to be ready to adjust if automobiles as we know it go the way of the horse drawn carriage sooner than later.
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AT Exposition 2014
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