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Redi-Letters' lighted signs easily mount on wreckers
Suspending auto repos of clients impacted by Hurricane Harvey
Or, do government controls actually work?
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In his seminar, "Dispatching, GPS and Mapping Innovations," Todd Althouse of Beacon Software will take a look at how a dispatch office has changed in the last 20 years. He'll review modern tools available to dispatchers, such as GPS locations, PTO activity, computer-assisted dispatch for driver recommendations and much more to improve efficiencies. This Management Conference seminar will take place at the American Towman Exposition, November 17-19 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland–register today!
Spirit Ride reaches Hagerstown, Maryland. D&D Truck Repair and Towing relays to Road Runner while Jerr-Dan salutes the Riders.
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingSeptember 20 - September 26, 2017

Detroit Unraveling 'Complex' Scheme

Detroit officials say a towing company is part of an "elaborate" stolen vehicle scam involving a police officer and a former attorney. The city alleges the unnamed officer did not fill out forms to alert people their stolen vehicles had been recovered. After time passed, the owners were then forced to pay exorbitant storage fees when they finally tracked down their vehicles. "The activities are so complex and involved that the City of Detroit does not yet know the full extent of the illegal activities," said a city attorney. Source:
From the American Towman News Bureau
In Central Texas, a struck towman’s widow is continuing on in his footsteps … and tire tracks. image.

Widow Drives Husband's Wrecker

In May, a Central Texas tower was hit and killed on the side of the highway. Now, only four months later, his wife is driving his very truck to honor him. Scott and Stephanie Bowles worked in the towing industry for 12 years together and she said she feels the best way to honor him is to continue on in his truck. "It's what he would've wanted me to do. He wouldn't have wanted me to leave the business and I guess I feel more comfortable in this truck than I probably do any of the others. I know it top to bottom, left to right," Stephanie said. Stephanie says it's healing for her youngest son, Sean, too... who she will occasionally pick up from school in his Dad's truck. Source:

Woman in Tow Truck Flees Police

A 29-year-old Wisconsin woman was arrested for allegedly leading a Milwaukee police officer on a chase while towing a vehicle, crashing into two other vehicles and carjacking a motorist. The woman drove off when the officer attempted to stop her shortly after 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, police said. She drove about a block before crashing into a vehicle and a parked car, fleeing from the tow truck and entering an occupied, parked vehicle, police said. She struggled with the occupant before taking the vehicle and driving off, police said. Source:
Detroit Unraveling ‘Complex’ Scheme
Stolen cars, storage fees at heart of ‘elaborate scam’
Widow Drives Husband’s Wrecker
Wife drives husband’s tow truck in healing family
Woman in Tow Truck Flees Police
A Milwaukee woman crashed into parked cars with loaded wrecker

Special Team Completes Its Spirit Ride Mission

When Towing's troubadour, Mike Corbin, and his wife, Ilce, had to return to New York to tend to family business, the Spirit Ride faced a dilemma for the Rides of September 20th through the 23rd. That's when American Towman Sr. Editor Charles Duke and GM Jim Santos stepped up and volunteered to take over the ground support operation. Santos drove the RV and recorded the events with video live feed and pictures, among other sundry duties. Charles Duke was master of ceremonies, a role that's in his wheelhouse, and performed the ceremony's three songs, playing his electric guitar and singing. While Duke does not consider himself a lead vocalist he performed the songs with style, adding his own heart and personality to them. No easy task considering he was filling the shoes of the veteran singer-songwriter who composed the songs.

The team presided over perhaps the most magnificently staged Spirit Ceremony at the Fountain Plaza before the Harrisburg Capitol building on Wednesday and wrapped up the week in Scott Township on Saturday, Duchnik's Towing leading the Ride in remembrance of David L. Duchnik, who was struck down while working on the roadside last year. Duchnik Towing will relay the casket all the way to Monroe, New York and Loyal Towing.

The Special Team completed six ceremonies and eight processions in four days, earning a storied place in the annals of the Ride.
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TV Coverage of Towman Spirit Ride • September 20 - September 26, 2017

Why We Do This

I just saw the story of Jack Deaton, an Indianapolis towman who was hit two weeks ago roadside while hooking up a vehicle on I-70. His life is changed forever because the semitrailer driver failed to move over.

"He seen my lights on, he knew I was doing a job, he didn't have to do that; he had two lanes to go over," Deaton said in a recent TV interview.

Now he recovers in a hospital ... after his left leg was amputated.

Who knows what was going on with the driver of the semi? Was he distracted? Was he falling asleep? God forbid, was he playing a game that I read about somewhere that some truck drivers play with road workers, where they try to drive by fast enough to make the worker's cap fly off?

All I know is that Jack Deaton's life, like countless towmen before him, is forever changed.

We here at American Towman have undertaken the Spirit Ride initiative not for our own edification, but to bring awareness to the motoring public of moving over and slowing down. Over the years, we've covered too many memorial processions, too many towmen killed working, too many stories like Deaton's who was just doing his job.

God knows, we've lost too many.
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Chesapeake Automotive Equipment

ChesapeakeAutoEquipment 96619Chesapeake Automotive Equipment has been providing automotive repair equipment for 41 years, including collision repair, auto repair, spot welding, painting and more. Servicing the Chesapeake Beach, Baltimore and Washington area, they sell and service equipment for car dealerships, independent garages and body shops. Come see all that Chesapeake Automotive Equipment has to offer at the American Towman Exposition at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore Maryland, Nov. 17-19.
By Don Lomax
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