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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingJuly 29 - August 04, 2015

Sgarlato Honored [b]with Procession

Richard "Dick" Sgarlato, a longtime Campbell, Calif., resident and owner of Dick's Towing, died July 5 in his Dana Point home in Southern California after a battle with liver cancer. He was 85.

Sgarlato was remembered on July 24 with a 2-1/2-mile procession of tow trucks led by the Campbell Police Department. The procession started at Dick's Towing and continued on to Bethel Church where Sgarlato's funeral was held.

Sgarlato founded Dick's Automotive Transport in 1957. His towing business began with just one truck and grew to a fleet of 25 trucks with 50 employees.

Sgarlato handed over ownership of the company in 1990 to his sons Greg, Ron, Glenn and Steve. A few of his grandsons even work there, making it a third-generation family business. Sgarlato retired to Southern California soon after handing over the business to his sons.


Jamie Davis Towing Suffers Fire Damage

A fire that damaged Jamie Davis Towing in Edmonton, Canada, July 24 began inside a vehicle parked at the facility.

Smoke was billowing from the building when fire crews arrived at around 8 a.m., but they managed to contain the blaze.

"There is some smoke damage throughout the building, but the fire was contained to the vehicle in the back," said Capt. Brian Hoekstra, with Edmonton Fire Rescue Services.

Crews were concerned before entering the building.

"In garages sometimes there's propane tanks et cetera: oxyacetylene torches, whatever. So any hazardous material such as that would obviously pose a hazard, but the guys contained it to the vehicle in question," said Hoekstra.

There is no word on how much damage the fire caused.

Jamie Davis is the star of the popular weekly reality series on The Weather Channel, "Highway Thru Hell."

By Don Lomax

Insurance Auto Auctions

IAA 87df9Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. will be one of over 100 exhibitors on hand at Tow Expo International in San Antonio, Texas. IAA specializes in salvage auto auctions. With over 150 corporate-owned facilities across the United States and Canada, IAA provides vehicle suppliers and buyers with solutions to process and sell total loss, recovered theft, fleet lease, donation and rental vehicles. Their hybrid auction model is designed to produce exceptional returns from each sale. Learn all that IAA has to offer at Tow Expo International, August 13-15, 2015, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.
Currently, what services does your business offer besides towing?
Auto Body/Parts & Replacement
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Other (Accident Remediation, Storage, Car Rental, etc, )

When Discipline [b]Was Taught

Many, many moons ago, driver's education was taught in high school. Kids were expected to pass driver's ed and get their license; there often was a stigma attached to a kid who didn't. That stigma would be extended to the failing kid's family as well—so the pressure was on.

You could bet that before one passed that class, all vestiges and desires to drive aggressively would be wiped from one's system.

Today, there aren't many high schools offering that anymore—and with the many news stories I read daily of cars slamming into tow trucks (and in many instances causing fatalities), it would be a good idea to bring the discipline of such teaching back ... somehow.

I realize that it's "long ago and far away," but something has got to be done about the aggressive driver. The same goes for today's distracted driver.

Right now, I could fill a whole edition of Tow Industry Week with stories about cars plowing into tow trucks on a weekly basis. As you know, those graphics wouldn't be pretty.
--Charles Duke
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A 2-1/2-mile procession of tow trucks honors long-time California towman Richard “Dick” Sgarlato on July 24.
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