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Jeff Roskopf wins election to head association
Use 'em…or lose 'em if they're not making money
Big Wheel Towing in Massachusetts picks up a burnt Isuzu
Savatech's redesign features longer hoses
Canada's Rouillard Towing stands out on the road
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"Booms in the Sky" [b]Music Video Premiere

American Towman salutes our industry's men and women with the music video premiere of "Booms in the Sky." The song pays tribute to those who have been killed working the roadside, with a special nod to the Wall of the Fallen Monument in Chattanooga, Tenn. The song, composed and sung by Mike Corbin, with lyrics written by AT's Steve Calitiri, touches on the risks faced by all towmen working perilous roadways and draws a parallel to the risks faced by other first responders and professionals.

Mike Corbin has been composing and performing songs across a span of five decades. He recorded the first American Towman Ballad, The Road Calls in 2012, following with two more Towman Ballads, Mighty Malone and I'll Return. "The sacrifices those in this industry make are hard to fathom," said Corbin. "I've been inspired by them. In the very least, I hope the song signals my respect."

"Like astronauts who know the score," said Calitri, "is one of the song's lines that draws the parallel to the risks of other professions. Towmen who work the roadside day in and day out with eighteen wheelers whizzing by their faces know full well the risks of being out there. They, too, 'know the score.'" The song is also being posted on Facebook.

CTTA Reaches [b]AB 1222 Compromise

A compromise has been reached between the California Tow Truck Association and the California State Legislature on a bill that CTTA said would undo a previous association victory that changed language on a state bill.

AB 1222 was originally introduced to eliminate "bandit towers." However, CTTA felt provisions included in the bill would also expand a local agency's regulatory authority to any towing company that is operating within its jurisdiction. The association interpreted this language as potentially subjecting each tower to a list of requirements that may differ from city to city, as well as burdensome fees associated with each jurisdiction it drove through.

While the details are still being ironed out, the sponsor of the bill agreed to eliminate that provision and other "offensive provisions."

By Don Lomax

WARN Winches

Industrial-DC-winches 7913eWARN Industrial offers a comprehensive line of hydraulic and electric planetary winches designed to meet or exceed expectations. Learn more about all WARN offerings at Tow Industry Week, May 14-16, 2015, at the American Towman ShowPlace-Las Vegas in the SouthPoint Hotel & Casino.
By the end of 2015, I will be:
1) purchasing one or more tow trucks
2) Adding a trailer or other specialty equipment (motorcycle lift, etc.)
3) keeping my fleet the same as it is now
4) looking to sell one or more of my existing fleet

The Importance [b]of Passion

You've gotta have passion for what you do. Passion drives you; it drives you to learn more about your craft. It increases your energy level.

That's why it's so important to love what you do.

Owners looking for others to assist in getting the business to higher peaks should look for a person that has a degree of passion—someone who "feels" the business of towing and recovery. These are the people who are going to help you out the most. They are the most dependable.

Workers who are passionate about what they do have a confidence and a strong inner peace that allows them to achieve. They act, instead of standing around waiting for instruction, in times of crisis.

Success is a destination. It's moving forward. Workers who are passionate help get you there.
--Charles Duke
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