Michigan Law Prohibits Tower Harassment

A new law in Michigan will fine tow truck operators who use aggressive or unethical practices to solicit motorists.

Rep. Dale Zorn sponsored the law. He said traffic problems caused by unsolicited tow trucks often distract emergency workers at accident scenes.

"Some wrecker companies will race out to the scene of an accident and solicit the work. And what that's doing is it's causing traffic problems at the scene of accidents, a confusion for both law enforcement and for those whose own vehicles are involved," said Zorn.

Tow truck drivers often use police scanners to find out where accidents happen and rush to the scene to solicit business.

David Jerome, executive secretary of the Michigan Towing Association, said that this new law will protect the public as well as reputable towers.

"I can't see a downside to the law. That's like the implementation of seat belt laws – I'd be an idiot not to wear seat belt. But not wearing seat belts now can be a crime and you'll get fined," said Jerome.

The law also bans local governments from collecting a portion of fees from towing services as a condition of contracts.

Source: http://michiganradio.org

Colorado Towing [b]Task Force Announced

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper recently announced the members of that state's Towing Task Force.

The task force will be comprised of eight people. Among the appointed were John Patrick Connolly of Connolly's Towing; William Thompson, towing general manager at Western Distributing Trans Corp., and Ronald D. Jack of the Colorado Public Utilities. Others appointees include representatives from motor carrier and automobile owners associations, insurance companies, law enforcement, and private property owners who contract for towing services.

Established this year, the task force will make recommendations to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission about the maximum rates that may be charged for the recovery, towing and storage of a vehicle of non-consensual tows. It also advises the commission concerning investigations of overcharges made by towing carriers.

Source: http://insurancenewsnet.com
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