Cleveland Approves Fee Hike

The Cleveland (Ohio) City Council recently approved increases for municipal towing fees for illegal parking. The city last raised parking fees in 2012.

Base fees for illegally parked vehicles will increase from $100 to $125. The council also increased the fee for people whose cars are towed following an arrest from $150 to $175. The city's base impound fee remained at $30.

Owners of vehicles that have been towed after being stolen will still pay a $50 towing fee, plus a $10 impound fee. A city official said that the increase in towing fees is needed to cover the city's rising towing costs.


ESTRA Gets Bill Passed

The Empire State Towing and Recovery Association has been successful in its efforts in getting a bill passed in the New York state legislature that allows for three feet of overhang on a car carrier, as well as allowing for the length of a tow truck or car carrier to be determined by its wheel-lift in a retracted position.

According to a statement, ESTRA said it had been working on the "overhang" issue for several years. Previously, New York's length law stated that a truck could not exceed 40 feet in length "inclusive of bumpers and load." As a result, car carriers that accommodate two vehicles on a deck could not operate legally when fully loaded, because the rearmost vehicle would extend beyond the limit.

ESTRA President Tom Brennan expressed gratitude to the bill's sponsors, Rep. Andrew Lanza, former tower Rep. Michael DenDekker and to Governor Andrew Cuomo for coming to their support of ESTRA's efforts in getting the bill signed into law.

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Wheel Bullet for Euro Vehicles

WheelBullet b53cfAccess Tools' Wheel Bullet makes performing wheel service on a European vehicle easier. The Wheel Bullets are designed for European vehicles that do not have the wheel studs that American vehicles have on which to mount a wheel. The Wheel Bullets function like guide pins or wheel hangers, allowing the wheel to be easily removed and installed with no risk of dropping the wheel, damaging the wheel or vehicle, or risk of injury. For more on Access Tools and the Wheel Bullet, see them at the AT Expo in Baltimore, Md., Nov. 21-23.
By Don Lomax
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Taking the Lead

There's an item on this week's News page about a company who recently expanded its business to include towing that hosted local emergency responders for a training session on its lot. With traffic incident management a big deal these days, I'd like to see established towing companies take a page from this company's book. Have you thought about conducting a training session where your company invites the local police department, local rescue workers, fire department and other emergency responders to YOUR place of business to show them what YOU do? Take it one step further and invite the local press. The benefits to your business could be plentiful!

--Charles Duke
Buddy Bear Program Popular Among Tow Bosses
A car stalled on the freeway. A scared child in the vehicle. The simple act of handing a teddy bear to that child offers great comfort. This scenario is happening more often thanks to a new program started by Fleet Sales West in Woodburn, Oregon. Hear James Walsh as he explains the "Buddy Bear Program" and how it's actually helping his company, Fleet Sales West, sell wreckers too. This video is brought to you by OMG National - a multimedia design firm dedicated to serving the needs of the towing industry. Your source for on-hold messaging, corporate video, website and database design, social media and much more.
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