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Royal Canadian Mounted Police inspired by fellow countryman Drake
Recovery agents fund gets proceeds from donations, raffle and auction
Towman digs up a swallowed tanker
Less is more often packs more punch
Code3's new series features many new flash patterns
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingMay 04 - May 10, 2016
Judge Rules Against AAA Center
Some residents in Stratford, Conn., are celebrating Sunday after winning a lawsuit against AAA and town hall. Residents were against a proposal to build a tow truck fleet center in an area that is not zoned for industrial use. "Tow trucks starting at six in the morning," said resident Scott Farrington-Posner. "Anywhere from 40 to 50 trucks. We're talking trucks, loud engines, diesel fumes." A judge ruled against the plan. Farrington-Posner said the facility would have been between 10 homes and severely disrupted the neighborhood.
From the American Towman News Bureau
Towman Finds Toddler in Car
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A toddler was found safe after spending the night cold and alone in a car that was towed after a traffic stop in Fort Totten, N.D. Towman Cliff Reeves was called out to tow a car around 2 a.m.
on May 1. Reeves said he and police glanced in the car and saw nothing before taking it away. But he said the front seat was reclined far back, blocking sight of the back seat. Around 10 a.m., Reeves' son went out to unhook the car from the wrecker and noticed a small hand in the back seat. He ran and got Reeves, who opened the car and found the little girl. Reeves then called police, brought the girl inside, cleaned her up and gave her food. Social Services then came and took the girl into custody. Source:
PTI Expands
The Peterbilt Technician Institute expanded with a third location in Exton, Pa. PTI features exclusive classroom and hands-on instruction of total vehicle and engine diagnostics, maintenance and repairs. The Exton school is approximately 30 miles west of Philadelphia. The other PTI locations are in Dallas, Texas, and Lisle, Ill.
Towman Finds Toddler in Car
Infant spends night cold and alone before being found
Judge Rules Against AAA Center
Residents fight off attempt to open tow truck center
PTI Expands
Peterbilt Technical Institute adds a third location

Restrictions Not Followed: Councilman

Protocol is not being followed with the city's towing ordinance, East Chicago, Ind., City Council President Juda S. Park claims.

"The ordinance reads that before any tow company can be suspended by the chief of police, he must come before this council and show cause, and that is not being done," Parks said. He said several other towing companies have been suspended in the past without council approval and later reinstated.

He said S&S Towing in East Chicago has been taken off the towing list for several months and he does not know why this was done.

"There needs to be some kind of dialogue between S&S Towing and the city," Parks said.

Parks said the suspension of S&S Towing occurred while Mark Becker was police chief; he resigned in March. Lt. Frank Smith was appointed the new police chief on April 6.

Although Smith was not involved in the suspension process, Parks said he planned to call Smith in an attempt to work with him to avoid any future violations of the ordinance.



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By Don Lomax
Another presidential election year is upon us. How do you see your views?

Youth Lost

As some of you may know, my first passion is and always will be music. It's something I've been mesmerized by since I was three. In fact, my first conscious memory dealt with music: it was while watching "American Bandstand" (it used to come on every weekday back then) that my older sister informed me that our mom was bringing home our baby sister.

I'm writing this still feeling stunned, days later, by the loss of my last "favorite music act," Prince. For me, he was the perfect latter-day hybrid of my two previous favorites, The Beatles and Sly & The Family Stone.

Space will not permit me to elaborate in detail about the profound effect his music had on me, but know this: for the last 35-plus years, his music was an integral part of my life.

With his passing, I feel that the last vestiges of my youth have passed along with him. Fortunately, I still have his music and some of his performances to draw upon.

"Sometimes it snows in April
Sometimes I feel so bad, so bad
Sometimes I wish life was never ending,
and all good things, they say, never last ... "

Rest well, Prince Rogers Nelson.
--Charles Duke
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May 04 - May 10, 2016
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