Oil Plunges to More Than Two-Year Low

The Department of Energy recently reported diesel dropped 3.5 cents to $3.698 a gallon during the week of Oct. 5-11, as oil prices fell to the lowest level in more than two years.

According to DOE records, diesel's national average price has fallen for five straight weeks and has not risen in almost four months.

Trucking's main fuel has declined more than 22 cents since June and more than 32 cents since topping out at $4.021 in March, its highest level this year.

Gasoline fell 9.2 cents to $3.207 a gallon in that same period, representing its lowest price since last November and the biggest single-week decline since December 2012.

The downturn left the motor fuel 14.7 cents below a year ago, DOE said.

Source: www.ttnews.com

TRIP Incentive [b]Payments in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Transportation District 2 will be instituting a new incentive program for towing companies in order to help keep traffic flowing in construction areas.

The Towing Recovery Incentive Program is expected to start on the I-75 corridor from Hancock County through Toledo and in some other construction areas this month, said a district spokesperson.

After a towing company qualifies for the program, they will be listed among those that ODOT will dispatch to a crash scene involving commercial vehicles only. If the company is able to arrive at the scene within 45 minutes, and then remove the vehicle from lanes of travel within 90 minutes, they will receive an incentive payment of $2,500.

Source: www.sent-trib.com
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Compact Warning Lights

PowerArc 70fdcThe new P6 compact LED light from PowerArc (P6BG and P6NT) are dual-row true 180-degree warning lights using flexible-optic technology. The lights feature dual-color option, 13 flash patterns, independent row controls for top and bottom and more.

Learn more about these lights at the SlickTop Solutions booth at the American Towman Expo in Baltimore, Md., Nov. 21-23.
By Don Lomax
What could you do better as an owner to retain drivers?
1) provide more advancement opportunities
2) improve my training techniques
3) be more attuned to my drivers' needs
4) provide better compensation
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Get an "A"... [b]Not a Zero

I recently asked about what could be done about raising awareness amongst the driving public about the Move Over law nationwide. One tower's response stood out; and, ironically last week, another towing professional's close call roadside elicited that same response in one of our upcoming American Towman TV videos airing soon.

Both towmen took the initiative to alert their local news media to the law; and sure enough, their local media followed through. It got me to thinking: What if every single towing professional took just 10 minutes to send an email to the news directors of their local television stations about the law—and the results were the same?

The potential for awareness would heighten almost overnight for a law that's been on the books in some locales for more than 10 years.

Yeah, homework is STILL being assigned.

--Charles Duke
Vulcan V-30
A.T. Welcome/Dinner Cruise
Celebration is a big part of AT Expo. It starts Thursday night with AT's Welcome Cruise featuring an appearance by Mike Corbin singing the Towman Ballads. Enjoy dinner and then roam on the Spirit of Baltimore as it cruises the Inner Harbor. A great way to kick off the American Towman Experience at AT Expo XXVI.
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AT Exposition 2014
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